When is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

When is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Posted by MILLPOND FAMILY DENTAL Jan 18,2023

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Tooth extraction is necessary when a tooth is severely damaged and cannot be saved. Extraction may also be recommended for certain dental conditions. They include:

Tooth Decay

If tooth decay has progressed far enough, it may need to be treated with a tooth extraction in order to prevent it from spreading and causing more severe damage to teeth and gum tissues. 

If you have sudden tooth pain or if your discomfort does not subside within a day or two of your injury, you should contact your dentist right away for treatment. Your dentist can examine your mouth and take X-rays to determine the cause of the pain and if extraction is necessary. 

Broken Tooth

There are many reasons why a tooth may become broken, including biting down on a hard piece of food or falling victim to a car accident. No matter the cause, it’s important to seek treatment as quickly as possible so that your tooth can be restored and your pain can be relieved. If the damage is beyond repair, then the tooth might need to be extracted.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt within the mouth, usually between the ages of seventeen and twenty-five. When they align properly and gum tissue is healthy; wisdom teeth do not have to be removed. Unfortunately, this does not generally happen. The extraction of wisdom teeth is necessary when they are prevented from properly erupting within the mouth. They may grow sideways, partially emerge from the gum, and even remain trapped beneath the gum and bone. Impacted teeth can take many positions in the bone as they attempt to find a pathway that will allow them to erupt successfully. These poorly positioned impacted teeth can cause many problems.

They can damage adjacent teeth by causing them to shift position. Poor alignment of remaining teeth can lead to long-term periodontal disease. The most serious problem occurs when tumors or cysts form around the impacted wisdom teeth, resulting in the destruction of the jawbone and healthy teeth. Removal of the offending impacted tooth or teeth usually resolves these problems. Early removal is recommended to avoid such future problems and to decrease the surgical risk involved with the procedure.


Some patients come to us with the goal of correcting their bite, and this can be achieved with orthodontic care. However, not all patients require orthodontic treatment. In fact, most patients with alignment issues can be treated without braces or Invisalign aligners.

If a patient comes to us because of malocclusion or an improperly aligned jaw, we may recommend non-surgical extractions. This will involve removing one or more teeth to make room for the jaws to align properly. Non-surgical extractions allow the patient to avoid feeling self-conscious about wearing braces, but it is still important that they seek treatment for their misalignment in order to avoid future problems with the teeth and gums.

At Millpond Family Dental in Cary, NC, we provide the best dental care using advanced technology. Call us at (984) 465-1544 to learn more.

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She is a crucial part of our team and we are so grateful for all that she does, from her usual HR work to answering phones! Join us in thanking LaVerne for all of her hard work and dedication!   Millpond Family Dental is hiring for two positions: Patient/Insurance Coordinator and Dental Assistant. Both positions offer flexible hours (4-5 days per week) and experience is preferred but not required. Since we are a smaller startup office, we have the time to dedicate to on the job training in a low stress environment. We are looking for applicants who are excited to grow with the practice and provide outstanding care in welcoming our patients. We offer competitive pay with great opportunities for advancement, including bonuses. To apply for the Patient/Insurance Coordinator or Dental Assistant position, please email your resume to millponddentist@gmail.com [millponddentist@gmail.com]. 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It’s a time of resetting the schedule, packing up swimsuits and bringing out sweaters. This time of year can feel a bit like the New Year, as we start afresh.  We know scheduling dentist and doctor appointments is not what anyone enjoys. If you’ve been putting it off, schedule this week and then treat yourself to something special to celebrate checking that nagging task off the to do list and to mark the changing seasons. Call our office (984) 465-1544 or schedule online [https://u15434925.ct.sendgrid.net/ls/click?upn=EpG5klrGXa4sWiUID5ZtsyAT7HFPB0N-2FGfmaONpjlNwuEOOx2Djc5nEmysk0Ud3cgZJLIe0XenrhL6t6sSdPl7Qj7rEHj9r7FgPXPn4CJC37ECVPu4jFWdnPyMSn6zWCoK1UOs1gBS307Mzb4TFixw-3D-3Djgnc_xAaQ0fENsHjFyXJF5AHJQjwwZigMQcX7JG0c6AAVlmBu62vyKbUW1U-2FGmUkqWvxjZTSaubY08hKSOlN7XcuvadfMin9TYzaRIhyYMB73I4W4I3h4W5AQcRMMmDI6WcgCALGfna4r01hiaLwHzPcdbKRWwG7LL6Mzu63nfKQyzl21xivWhSERtdIJ3s3COpc07XqCDDQLhKukjCdQYASdOhpvU9wdxHHRvjH-2BuU9caZc-3D]! Just click Book Online in the top right corner of our website and follow the prompts from there! Happy fall from our office to you! 🍁 p: (9 [tel:984-465-1544]84) 465-1544 | e: millponddentist@gmail.com [millponddentist@gmail.com] 3490 Kildaire Farm Road Suite 170, Cary, NC 27518


Now is the perfect time to give yourself the gift of a summer smile makeover! A beautiful smile can boost your confidence, motivate you to take better care of your oral health, and improve how others think of you. Millpond Family Dental [https://www.millponddentist.com/] offers several cosmetic treatment options: PROFESSIONAL TEETH WHITENING While over-the-counter whitening products can only do so much to brighten your smile, professional-strength treatment will give you dramatic results! Our office uses a powerful whitening gel that lifts stains in a short amount of time, especially compared to a whitening toothpaste or store-bought strips. An in-office visit will whiten your smile in just one hour. DENTAL VENEERS If you have an uneven smile, chips, small gaps, or discoloration, dental veneers may be a great option for you. Veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are bonded to the front of your teeth. They can hide imperfections and make your smile look more uniform, yet appear natural. Getting veneers is a permanent procedure since we’ll need to remove some of your natural enamel for a snug fit. CLEAR ALIGNER THERAPY At Millpond Family Dental, we offer Invisalign® [https://www.millponddentist.com/specialty/invisalign/] and ClearCorrect™ clear aligner therapy to subtly straighten your teeth in about 12-18 months. These are custom trays made of smooth plastic. They are to be worn at least 20-22 hours a day, and removed when brushing, flossing, eating, and drinking anything other than water. This discreet orthodontic option is appropriate for adults and responsible teenagers. ACHIEVE THE PERFECT SUMMER SMILE IN CARY, NC Contact us today to schedule your cosmetic consultation at Millpond Family Dental! We offer a variety of affordable payment options, including in-house financing, so you can enhance the appearance of your smile without breaking the bank. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you choose the right dental treatments for your needs [https://www.millponddentist.com/].

Full Mouth Reconstruction To Give You A Brand New Smile, If You Have Been Ignoring Oral Care For A While
Full Mouth Reconstruction To Give You A Brand New Smile, If You Have Been Ignoring Oral Care For A While

Full mouth reconstruction refers to a combination of restorative dental treatments used to restore a smile to optimal health, function, and appearance. If you have been ignoring oral health for a while and have developed several dental issues, a full mouth reconstruction can help. FULL MOUTH RECONSTRUCTION Full mouth reconstruction is the term used to describe the process of rebuilding and restoring all of the teeth in the mouth. This typically involves repairing or replacing broken, worn, or misshapen teeth and correcting problems with the bite. A full mouth reconstruction will also work to improve the appearance of your smile. Some of the procedures involved can include: * Dental crowns and bridges * Dental implants to replace missing teeth * Porcelain veneers to correct issues such as crooked teeth or gaps between teeth * Gum graft surgery to address receding gums and improve tooth placement * Oral surgery to repair damaged teeth and correct issues with the jaw or bite WHAT DOES FULL MOUTH RECONSTRUCTION INVOLVE? Full mouth reconstruction can involve a combination of procedures to improve oral health and aesthetics. Some common treatments include dental crowns, bridges, dental implants, or dentures. During your consultation, we will discuss the treatment options that are best for you based on your dental health needs and personal goals. This will depend on individual patient needs as well as which procedures are most appropriate to address each patient’s concerns. We may recommend a full mouth reconstruction to address any combination of the following issues: * Missing teeth replacement * Broken teeth and weakened teeth in need of repair * Chipped or otherwise damaged teeth requiring restoration * Teeth grinding (bruxism) and other bite problems * Aesthetic imperfections such as stained or damaged teeth * Tooth discoloration that cannot be resolved by whitening or other means * Misaligned bite * Uneven tooth alignment affecting the appearance of the smile * Dental infections that need to be addressed to prevent further complications * TMJ disorder involving damage to the jaw joints, facial muscles, and/or nerves BENEFITS OF FULL MOUTH RECONSTRUCTION Full mouth reconstruction can be a great option for people who suffer from multiple oral health concerns that affect their bite, appearance, and ability to eat and speak normally. It can also improve the look of teeth that are stained, chipped, cracked, broken, or have other imperfections. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, ask your dentist if a full mouth reconstruction might be right for you. Reconstruction can improve your quality of life by ensuring that you can eat a wide variety of foods without pain and embarrassment. It can also help you speak clearly again, giving your conversations a boost in confidence. You’ll also feel better about how you look because your smile will be restored. And you don’t have to live with the discomfort and pain that comes with having sensitive or broken teeth anymore.  At Millpond Family Dental in Cary, NC, we provide the best dental care using advanced technology. Call us at (984) 465-1544 to learn more.

What Dental Conditions Can Invisalign Treat?
What Dental Conditions Can Invisalign Treat?

Invisalign is an effective orthodontic treatment option for multiple dental conditions. It is a popular choice among patients who want to straighten their teeth discreetly and conveniently. Invisalign aligners are invisible, removable, and comfortable. Here are the conditions they can treat: MISALIGNED TEETH Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that can straighten your teeth, correct your bite, and give you a beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Because Invisalign is a removable device, it is also a great option for correcting the alignment of teeth that have shifted due to thumb sucking or jaw clenching. The aligners can also be removed during meals and for cleaning. With Invisalign, you can achieve excellent results without interrupting your daily life. EXCESSIVE OR UNEVEN SPACING The gaps between teeth, whether they’re small or large, can cause self-consciousness and embarrassment in many patients. While it might be easy to ignore slight spaces here and there, large gaps can interfere with proper chewing and eating. Fortunately, Invisalign can help correct these orthodontic problems. As teeth begin to shift into alignment, the spaces between them will become smaller and more uniform. Once a patient’s teeth are in the correct position, they will remain there without the need for retainers. For patients who are uncomfortable with the visibility of their metal braces, Invisalign is a great alternative because it uses clear aligners that are much less noticeable than metal brackets and wires. CROSSBITE AND OVERJET Invisalign can also treat other types of alignment issues, including crossbite and overjet. These conditions occur when one or more of a patient’s upper teeth bite inside of the lower teeth, causing food to be trapped between the teeth. Patients with an overbite often have a protruding jawline as well. Both of these problems are treated with Invisalign by creating upper and lower aligner trays that gradually move the teeth into a straighter position. GAPS BETWEEN TEETH When gaps in your teeth make you self-conscious, Invisalign can help. Closing gaps between your teeth can give you a more uniform smile and a more confident you. Invisalign treatment uses a series of clear aligners to gradually move the teeth into alignment over time. The aligners are removable and virtually invisible, so no one will even know you’re wearing them. Plus, you can take them anywhere you go, which means you can continue doing the things you love without worrying about your orthodontic treatment. OVERBITE/UNDERBITE An overbite, also known as a protrusive bite, occurs when the upper teeth overlap the bottom teeth too much. This condition can be caused by the tongue pushing against the top front teeth or the lower teeth not growing enough. Invisalign can correct minor to moderate cases of mild overbites and underbites. It works just like traditional braces by gradually moving the teeth into position.  OPEN BITES An open bite occurs when your teeth do not overlap as much as they should when you bite down, causing your upper and lower teeth to separate or “open up” when you close your mouth. This common condition may cause you to feel self-conscious about your appearance and may also make it more difficult for you to chew, speak, and smile comfortably. Fortunately, you can correct this problem by wearing clear aligners from your dentist.  At Millpond Family Dental in Cary, NC, we provide the best dental care using advanced technology. Call us at (984) 465-1544 to learn more.


Invisalign [https://www.millponddentist.com/specialty/invisalign/] is a popular method for achieving a straighter smile among patients and dentists alike. If you’ve been wondering what all the fuss is about, you’ve come to the right place! Today, we briefly go over what you should know about Invisalign clear aligner therapy to help you decide if it’s the right option for you. INVISALIGN MINIMALLY DISRUPTS YOUR APPEARANCE Many people are reluctant to straighten their teeth because they don’t want the hassle and annoyance of bulky wires and brackets. Does this worry you? Unlike traditional braces, the Invisalign [https://www.millponddentist.com/specialty/invisalign/] process utilizes a series of thin, clear aligners that gradually shift your teeth into their optimal placement. The aligners are virtually invisible, so you can still feel confident showing off your smile while inconspicuously working to straighten it! Depending on your level of misalignment, you may need special attachments bonded to your teeth to increase the aligner’s power. These little bumps serve as anchors to keep the aligners snugly against your teeth. While they are slightly more noticeable than the aligners alone, they are small and tooth-colored. INVISALIGN EFFICIENTLY DELIVERS RESULTS Sometimes patients put off orthodontic treatment because they believe it will take several years to have any effect. While the length of time varies according to each individual patient, Invisalign treatment [https://www.millponddentist.com/specialty/invisalign/] normally takes between 12 and 18 months to complete when you wear your Invisalign aligners [https://www.millponddentist.com/specialty/invisalign/] for at least 20 to 22 hours each day as recommended. During your consultation with Dr. Marbell, he’ll provide you with a time estimate based on your unique needs. INVISALIGN HAS LESS DIETARY RESTRICTIONS THAN BRACES Certain foods like nuts, popcorn, and many others can bend or otherwise damage braces’ wires. Because Invisalign aligners are removed when you eat and drink anything other than water, they don’t have the same dietary restrictions as braces. However, snacking during the day will mean more regular brushing, flossing, and cleaning of your aligners. So although you can eat as normal after taking your aligners out, you still need to keep your teeth and trays clean. SCHEDULE YOUR CONSULTATION! To ask our team any questions about Invisalign [https://www.millponddentist.com/specialty/invisalign/], please schedule a consultation at Millpond Family Dental [https://www.millponddentist.com]. We look forward to hearing from you.


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