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If you’re missing one or more of your teeth and you’re wondering what your options are, we recommend you consider a dental implant. An alternative to dentures or a dental bridge, dental implants are a permanent way to replace missing teeth. Part of the dental implant process involves getting an implant restoration.


There are several parts of a dental implant: the implant, the connecting pieces, and the restoration.

The actual implant is just one piece of the whole thing. Resembling a little screw, the dental implant is the part that functions as the artificial tooth root. It is placed surgically in the gum and jawbone. This serves as the secure foundation for the rest of the components. Connector pieces attach the implant and its restoration. The restoration is the part that looks like a natural tooth. It sits on top of the implant and the abutment. This is the part that shows when you look at your smile. It is typically a custom-crafted dental crown, though a dental implant can also support a bridge or a denture.


Without the implant’s accompanying restoration, the restorative treatment isn’t complete and cannot fully restore your smile. Aside from aesthetics, an implant restoration is what provides the surface for chewing. These chewing forces are then transferred to the implant, and on to the jawbone. This stimulates bone-building cells called osteoblasts, which are necessary to keep your jawbone strong.

Some dental practices only provide implant restorations after sending their patients to another office to get the implant. At Millpond Family Dental in Cary, NC, we provide start-to-finish dental implants. Contact us to learn more about our implant services as well as the other dental treatments that we offer! We’d love to welcome you for your first visit to our office.

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October 2022 Newsletter
October 2022 Newsletter

Millpond Monthly October 2022   All month long we’ve been enjoying amazing carved pumpkin creations by one of our generous patients.   Stay tuned to our Instagram and Facebook on Halloween next Monday to see the full lineup of these incredible carvings! https://u15434925.ct.sendgrid.net/ls/click?upn=EpG5klrGXa4sWiUID5Zts72-2F1-2F1UpAdLsokoNyuGZkRymEjkYM9Ry8PcNxVsXtVMb0Em57yWFHZTKXLySqpksaHnhNcuyVKrD8hH9o0H-2B9oq0P1-2BQunnelcPEQW9VjuqhNbTqJFPLkCazrwaobdzgJB-2Ftxr3oG29ZE-2FFGecl1tQ-3DchoF_xAaQ0fENsHjFyXJF5AHJQjwwZigMQcX7JG0c6AAVlmCueTZKqa667ZtTRc4wbqOf6U6RGsAq-2B3gVl65yRvwPL7hF95gg8WGM8O-2By4VzYepCqtG08hxzR4pKPKwhKVjk03vjHJqgSBY3-2BPQv2yJMpIsi39pAZseRFxAQS0lMu5GgifXkBq2d-2Bouf1-2Bo39RjO8DW-2BKZI6UZZp3OfIMKhNgRi6JSb9f85-2F3s7CFFEFfdiI-3D https://u15434925.ct.sendgrid.net/ls/click?upn=EpG5klrGXa4sWiUID5Zts1B3n5TeHjDAwCmgJIFcMWQhXZTY7ib6TjSF91ZC1KrK5WeY5YF1-2BSq2zwJDY2s1fjhh449ZJz0g6e2ucmUonjwUzb8WanlHWLQOGKsHNkt01GpsYF0-2FhZhXHckBp0GZYbuspth4VShZK0Bv3AtR8GU-3D5Ed-_xAaQ0fENsHjFyXJF5AHJQjwwZigMQcX7JG0c6AAVlmCueTZKqa667ZtTRc4wbqOf6U6RGsAq-2B3gVl65yRvwPL1bRsNuGQTi-2BeXAkt3IT1Om14HdJMcs4-2BD-2By7qmRuGJ40W2oiR0XIYkq4OoGlcE3WZOJbZ6Exc3E6czq-2B1RJd0jh00v1ssQHV4ntwsLEju5tuj8OMslYRKaVbQZoJfNdd0b-2B8tUfBKMO8M7798ZVmiw-3D https://u15434925.ct.sendgrid.net/ls/click?upn=EpG5klrGXa4sWiUID5Zts6caAVMY-2FUvqVtB8VyuiFlt78wkhUuO9yNYGFtewNYoZhprpOy8kxUZTQswrOFGSdGEWImg8jyFTvAvQdfSH4paYkyPneiDNyb3qVQzw72IXWs24B07fsFnNC3sPWHpiPDIOnFBeWFH6e0zeZPO7bNE-3DsD6D_xAaQ0fENsHjFyXJF5AHJQjwwZigMQcX7JG0c6AAVlmCueTZKqa667ZtTRc4wbqOf6U6RGsAq-2B3gVl65yRvwPL4kczYLKAVzyvwDxj1xGOedUMPF4WASTH7gErxh5L9YV3FBhTc4TCvbxDpuKLckZvEV0pxZjjVjwITBLfFrFI8fak4TUuBeqR3-2Fq8VxgATRt66gUIKRWh2-2FpjYOGvDw1iIpEzH1fn6yKsMNloubiznM-3D   Through our effort to Demystify Dentistry, we have started a YouTube channel and want to spread the word so that you can follow along with us! This month, Dr. Harward has been presenting a series on the importance of replacing missing teeth and the effects over time when they are not replaced. He also walks us through options for replacement and shows us examples of implants, bridges, partial dentures, etc. Click the image below to watch the series!   [https://u15434925.ct.sendgrid.net/ls/click?upn=EpG5klrGXa4sWiUID5Zts6caAVMY-2FUvqVtB8VyuiFlt-2BZnCEqoP0setj9sncBvSfbY6O7fMUmicq-2FoW7nb-2FlLHHeC35rkoU5wg90W4TGdTs56IH3-2FSmhaBX-2BFm5IpIf-2FYEZQjAOien9s-2FqI0jVS8bRB8ph1QJ8zy89jsC9ypdyI-3DN7eg_xAaQ0fENsHjFyXJF5AHJQjwwZigMQcX7JG0c6AAVlmCueTZKqa667ZtTRc4wbqOf6U6RGsAq-2B3gVl65yRvwPL4gwvE9FH6AWAss5qUMhfrLdCdVvvjvxb7sHNyKxTuXPjg6amK-2BvJ-2B28Qdg-2FgUB-2Fi99Sgd5d5qyXtzqKIQAycp26NvCJPrnu3YGPgFMWfYeUwsLSHuiJM7NfbHsjrrd7MuDaC1Nv8eoSvJNBpW3ErFo-3D]   Greetings from the Doctors!   I’m excited to highlight the fact that October is National Dental Hygiene month and I wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the importance of good oral hygiene practices. The vast majority of dental issues are preventable through a good diet and proper oral care. I know the past few years have been tough on most people, with the pandemic bringing many changes to our routines and an increase in stress and anxiety. I have noticed a general decrease in consistent brushing and flossing among patients. This, combined with a lower level of routine cleanings over the past two years, we have seen an overall increase in both cavities and gum disease related issues.  However, perhaps the biggest change I have seen over the past few years is the increased incidence of clenching and grinding. Since the pandemic began, I have seen far too many cracked and broken teeth attributed solely to clenching or grinding. It appears that far more people and even very young adults are carrying a lot more stress these days, and more people now than ever would benefit from a dental night guard. As we return to more normalcy with daily routines, I encourage you to consider your daily oral hygiene habits as well as take a moment to take stock of your stress level. Just because our habits have changed, this does not mean they have to remain! Let’s all make a concerted effort to get our brushing and flossing back up to par.   -Dr. Harward   We are accepting new patients, as well as scheduling routine appointments for cleanings and other needs. Most insurance plans renew in January and any unused benefits are lost at that point. Now is a great time to go ahead and schedule to use your benefits! Call our office or schedule online today! Check out our 5 star Google reviews [https://u15434925.ct.sendgrid.net/ls/click?upn=EpG5klrGXa4sWiUID5ZtsxRU9oRltbIcJf0fHxfhpiDrJMUnFNr4VOj4etAma-2BSr-2FSeWaVcgW-2FYCYXlTIM-2Bzg4AkWAoqXu4r-2FugNGP0-2FquoqOpJi43lQaKUUexjiXrAlDwM8FGja5DYUv-2FyifZ2hDCdfArtDN-2BL-2BC-2FIwIGhAs-2FxkmYP78-2FrvosJCuK0cyqsUQ-2BinB1QdUace3-2F2S-2BPXbWEGOwugYViSoUFZBEtXJSdEa3rWTunWMeiCkQ8zi-2FAXLPHOxwI72MrtB1CcY9OGhEpfoUaRqJj1VE2gIPgor7naZU3UBwLYCkcbHOQfLEYIJwSbtwPO1NbpwwBjVttq1I8LSFEB-2B-2BrNNHqdA6SO75NWRM47PoeMUvXksv-2FI-2BfEgG-2BqlMYTvms9LOtWQx7vCU0qrPu5GbsvnQW85Td1RvqrCu16j8SuPOaFYCo7qy7aE-2F-2BHXXwkrKGnaC2Cp2J2XvgfIt5Ffz1wU-2FsA4QPHfmiHU-2FxrbicAa-2FeHSZx8bXXrHvtoza9qmecM2DsHlIC33CRvelCHGPfY-2BIUP1DYozAb1Fur5nLwIU5wNJRSpR2DHx-2F9njhKFmxLHzLqTGZuprKDg-3D-3DBfIi_xAaQ0fENsHjFyXJF5AHJQjwwZigMQcX7JG0c6AAVlmCueTZKqa667ZtTRc4wbqOf6U6RGsAq-2B3gVl65yRvwPL5eF-2BEiuobeLvSBuYycv4dK8Rvhypd753Q-2BmBBDdC6458QzCyIYfYqC1D-2BkRS5a7v7nE6F4i3wh7GboMwMsA6fRH8AIki2ZCcUZBL-2Fm5a2TD3JK2JYn5KkCzTtuGTpu2I1-2BIF1yeF8MNTLW0flLNdB8-3D]and while you’re there leave a review of your experience at our practice! Don’t forget to follow along with us on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram!  https://u15434925.ct.sendgrid.net/ls/click?upn=EpG5klrGXa4sWiUID5Zts6caAVMY-2FUvqVtB8VyuiFlt78wkhUuO9yNYGFtewNYoZhprpOy8kxUZTQswrOFGSdFIKjn2WTQfvDwGm4OIgoycUsj2nEhCHhDX7E8d0xJczvykHIXeI7LHNhYwyCWVmd2m-2FZ7Vek6ccPEThYxA0wqo-3D0dRT_xAaQ0fENsHjFyXJF5AHJQjwwZigMQcX7JG0c6AAVlmCueTZKqa667ZtTRc4wbqOf6U6RGsAq-2B3gVl65yRvwPL8CZ4h9Vkejx6xZqLapuF6-2FhmSpdJAyKMkJFhhpogxL2CxHl6EU1Q3GTJ0pw27r7s2Desoak8g6924IoHWIipWSQ3hnkCoOdctajtessaIttO3EgJZ5rpe2Nz5yfF21eSrR23IUdRdMjPBzq8n3kcEg-3D https://u15434925.ct.sendgrid.net/ls/click?upn=EpG5klrGXa4sWiUID5Zts72-2F1-2F1UpAdLsokoNyuGZkRymEjkYM9Ry8PcNxVsXtVMb0Em57yWFHZTKXLySqpksXcGEkxHMsdh-2FjAJN2tXn9K0wKZ-2Bh9yIumHMYO-2BKfMwUnFLufzcbuOZuzjL3OQv94wMyJsKmV-2FiSXdUVPxJQz-2Bo-3D0MVS_xAaQ0fENsHjFyXJF5AHJQjwwZigMQcX7JG0c6AAVlmCueTZKqa667ZtTRc4wbqOf6U6RGsAq-2B3gVl65yRvwPLxdVo-2FlSiI7uNUQcMEPisySuA0j72EOmDYtVEgh4A8cXmbyYS8DIX8iemJiAfZPe2nnTPUBMCWPOC36zRrKRArTCyLoUFFXp9I7Se3O-2B-2B-2B2Zw1EB6TTCnOl-2BPGjx7de5ff7O-2B7jx7ElVR7oZI9vX6zQ-3D https://u15434925.ct.sendgrid.net/ls/click?upn=EpG5klrGXa4sWiUID5Zts1B3n5TeHjDAwCmgJIFcMWQhXZTY7ib6TjSF91ZC1KrK5WeY5YF1-2BSq2zwJDY2s1fjhh449ZJz0g6e2ucmUonjwUzb8WanlHWLQOGKsHNkt01GpsYF0-2FhZhXHckBp0GZYbuspth4VShZK0Bv3AtR8GU-3D2QcV_xAaQ0fENsHjFyXJF5AHJQjwwZigMQcX7JG0c6AAVlmCueTZKqa667ZtTRc4wbqOf6U6RGsAq-2B3gVl65yRvwPL-2BNQNdBlTOWO5DDqfqs6IYalIlNEpR4bwFzEky2TZun73ppnpTtZ9vKMDQOSTi8EGHiTVPQg9ktQXYDTN0Ovje1-2FC8aIb7-2BbE6MQQxShQgh4q815mttBQ9RZ5RuMISQnVGepl7YOmzvI7c-2FEVnOqheE-3D We hope everyone enjoys the candy that is sure to come over the next few days! Eat it up, just don't forget to brush! p: (9 [tel:984-465-1544]84) 465-1544 | e: [email protected] [[email protected]] 3490 Kildaire Farm Road Suite 170, Cary, NC 27518


Invisalign [https://www.millponddentist.com/specialty/invisalign/] is a popular method for achieving a straighter smile among patients and dentists alike. If you’ve been wondering what all the fuss is about, you’ve come to the right place! Today, we briefly go over what you should know about Invisalign clear aligner therapy to help you decide if it’s the right option for you. INVISALIGN MINIMALLY DISRUPTS YOUR APPEARANCE Many people are reluctant to straighten their teeth because they don’t want the hassle and annoyance of bulky wires and brackets. Does this worry you? Unlike traditional braces, the Invisalign [https://www.millponddentist.com/specialty/invisalign/] process utilizes a series of thin, clear aligners that gradually shift your teeth into their optimal placement. The aligners are virtually invisible, so you can still feel confident showing off your smile while inconspicuously working to straighten it! Depending on your level of misalignment, you may need special attachments bonded to your teeth to increase the aligner’s power. These little bumps serve as anchors to keep the aligners snugly against your teeth. While they are slightly more noticeable than the aligners alone, they are small and tooth-colored. INVISALIGN EFFICIENTLY DELIVERS RESULTS Sometimes patients put off orthodontic treatment because they believe it will take several years to have any effect. While the length of time varies according to each individual patient, Invisalign treatment [https://www.millponddentist.com/specialty/invisalign/] normally takes between 12 and 18 months to complete when you wear your Invisalign aligners [https://www.millponddentist.com/specialty/invisalign/] for at least 20 to 22 hours each day as recommended. During your consultation with Dr. Marbell, he’ll provide you with a time estimate based on your unique needs. INVISALIGN HAS LESS DIETARY RESTRICTIONS THAN BRACES Certain foods like nuts, popcorn, and many others can bend or otherwise damage braces’ wires. Because Invisalign aligners are removed when you eat and drink anything other than water, they don’t have the same dietary restrictions as braces. However, snacking during the day will mean more regular brushing, flossing, and cleaning of your aligners. So although you can eat as normal after taking your aligners out, you still need to keep your teeth and trays clean. SCHEDULE YOUR CONSULTATION! To ask our team any questions about Invisalign [https://www.millponddentist.com/specialty/invisalign/], please schedule a consultation at Millpond Family Dental [https://www.millponddentist.com]. We look forward to hearing from you.

January 2023 Newsletter
January 2023 Newsletter

Millpond Monthly January 2023   Welcome, 2023! We hope that your new year has been fantastic so far. As we consider this time of fresh starts and resolutions, we want to remind each of our patients to be diligent about their daily dental care habits! We have seen a big increase in patients who got out of the habit of daily brushing and flossing when the pandemic hit and some of those habits have lingered, almost three years later. Let’s join together and commit that 2023 is the year to jump back to brushing thoroughly twice a day and flossing each day! We are passionate about preventing the need for larger dental procedures and this is a great way to do so. If you need some encouragement on why it’s important to brush and floss, check out our YouTube videos on what (beyond sugar) causes cavities [https://youtu.be/F3i12EnQ5Ns] and why flossing daily is more important than the tool you use to floss [https://youtu.be/cwnVlr4w6tk].   Last month we celebrated one year since we opened our doors and our first patients joined the practice. Check out our celebration video [https://www.instagram.com/p/CmO40EAOy8C/] to see all of the growth and updates around the office this year. We are so grateful for each one of our patients and the trust that you have placed in our practice. It is an honor to know and care for you and your family! God has blessed us greatly with the opportunity to be part of this community.   Most insurance plans have started benefits fresh for the new year. If you have dental work that was postponed due to maxing out your plan's limits last year, now is the time to get those treatment plans moving! Call our office (984) 465-1544 or schedule online [https://www.flexbook.me/millpond/1]! Or, click Book Online in the top right corner of our website and follow the prompts from there!   We are accepting new patients! . As a growing small business, it always means so much to us when a new patient was referred by one of our existing patients. Please help us spread the word and send your friends and family our way for comprehensive care for their entire family!  One way that you can help is to leave us a Google review [https://u15434925.ct.sendgrid.net/ls/click?upn=EpG5klrGXa4sWiUID5ZtsxRU9oRltbIcJf0fHxfhpiDrJMUnFNr4VOj4etAma-2BSr-2FSeWaVcgW-2FYCYXlTIM-2Bzg4AkWAoqXu4r-2FugNGP0-2FquoqOpJi43lQaKUUexjiXrAlDwM8FGja5DYUv-2FyifZ2hDCdfArtDN-2BL-2BC-2FIwIGhAs-2FxkmYP78-2FrvosJCuK0cyqsUQ-2BinB1QdUace3-2F2S-2BPXbWEGOwugYViSoUFZBEtXJSdEa3rWTunWMeiCkQ8zi-2FAXLPHOxwI72MrtB1CcY9OGhEpfoUaRqJj1VE2gIPgor7naZU3UBwLYCkcbHOQfLEYIJwSbtwPO1NbpwwBjVttq1I8LSFEB-2B-2BrNNHqdA6SO75NWRM47PoeMUvXksv-2FI-2BfEgG-2BqlMYTvms9LOtWQx7vCU0qrPu5GbsvnQW85Td1RvqrCu16j8SuPOaFYCo7qy7aE-2F-2BHXXwkrKGnaC2Cp2J2XvgfIt5Ffz1wU-2FsA4QPHfmiHU-2FxrbicAa-2FeHSZx8bXXrHvtoza9qmecM2DsHlIC33CRvelCHGPfY-2BIUP1DYozAb1Fur5nLwIU5wNJRSpR2DHx-2F9njhKFmxLHzLqTGZuprKDg-3D-3DBBSw_xAaQ0fENsHjFyXJF5AHJQjwwZigMQcX7JG0c6AAVlmBu62vyKbUW1U-2FGmUkqWvxjZTSaubY08hKSOlN7XcuvabaQkjM6LwgCAt19Z8O3AqaqZdAYWRnvUErgDu89YYt9YPGcz7v8IdRekwP6Ny0-2FEzaUuwvUqbzBQshBx6AAFsOF2EG44LWweqfpCCIUFKhyJnUwgw0It8Tc0L5ksshOWdtxR8Vuu5uK720vugmfP1U-3D] of your experience, and follow along with us on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram!  https://u15434925.ct.sendgrid.net/ls/click?upn=EpG5klrGXa4sWiUID5Zts6caAVMY-2FUvqVtB8VyuiFlt78wkhUuO9yNYGFtewNYoZhprpOy8kxUZTQswrOFGSdGEWImg8jyFTvAvQdfSH4paYkyPneiDNyb3qVQzw72IXWs24B07fsFnNC3sPWHpiPDIOnFBeWFH6e0zeZPO7bNE-3DdiKd_xAaQ0fENsHjFyXJF5AHJQjwwZigMQcX7JG0c6AAVlmBu62vyKbUW1U-2FGmUkqWvxjZTSaubY08hKSOlN7XcuvaWla-2BD5W2r3Eo9XLmVz3tkLRRJnFzOXIOl4jeaDeBAUBf7x9Q6B5X-2B0Rks-2F-2BCG55HRdDUkrCHSMQ2zZkjXzcejRk7AhofOyQmka5kPEbVjLkCzl8OI-2BMsh5WJsxrqlvy7LUMEfKgs1kWwo6mSG4PR6g-3D https://u15434925.ct.sendgrid.net/ls/click?upn=EpG5klrGXa4sWiUID5Zts72-2F1-2F1UpAdLsokoNyuGZkRymEjkYM9Ry8PcNxVsXtVMb0Em57yWFHZTKXLySqpksXcGEkxHMsdh-2FjAJN2tXn9K0wKZ-2Bh9yIumHMYO-2BKfMwUnFLufzcbuOZuzjL3OQv94wMyJsKmV-2FiSXdUVPxJQz-2Bo-3DGVBp_xAaQ0fENsHjFyXJF5AHJQjwwZigMQcX7JG0c6AAVlmBu62vyKbUW1U-2FGmUkqWvxjZTSaubY08hKSOlN7XcuvaY9Jt9NjsexouPyM3udZpp4ZguydKOxFAcbJ-2BxmgKF-2BHdqE4bS-2BcLK62PgOf58b3m5GuEARGJ5lVr5ltUr6AjQoz-2BE29M7iUrhPO09HnIOXKKFPdgQ-2F6kyhnZ-2F60g7bREIfMMjKHVAJzA4NAgplUV64-3D https://u15434925.ct.sendgrid.net/ls/click?upn=EpG5klrGXa4sWiUID5Zts1B3n5TeHjDAwCmgJIFcMWQhXZTY7ib6TjSF91ZC1KrK5WeY5YF1-2BSq2zwJDY2s1fjhh449ZJz0g6e2ucmUonjwUzb8WanlHWLQOGKsHNkt01GpsYF0-2FhZhXHckBp0GZYbuspth4VShZK0Bv3AtR8GU-3DogP0_xAaQ0fENsHjFyXJF5AHJQjwwZigMQcX7JG0c6AAVlmBu62vyKbUW1U-2FGmUkqWvxjZTSaubY08hKSOlN7XcuvaXhhLG8OSEQWlFmd9hq7JTZ5yxj-2BekhLsmNzbgPnOBPSmipY404M1Xjig23E0Wko7DprA9uADdG676S6zPXuQ-2FA-2Fy3FcXiNWrBvxrYLhtJodh7VmmHyyLbY27MvRRrlSifakNRp0kyYyopSNteAO6z8-3D   We are excited for the new year and fresh start it brings, and are looking forward to all that 2023 holds! p: (9 [tel:984-465-1544]84) 465-1544 | e: [email protected] [[email protected]] 3490 Kildaire Farm Road Suite 170, Cary, NC 27518


Now is the perfect time to give yourself the gift of a summer smile makeover! A beautiful smile can boost your confidence, motivate you to take better care of your oral health, and improve how others think of you. Millpond Family Dental [https://www.millponddentist.com/] offers several cosmetic treatment options: PROFESSIONAL TEETH WHITENING While over-the-counter whitening products can only do so much to brighten your smile, professional-strength treatment will give you dramatic results! Our office uses a powerful whitening gel that lifts stains in a short amount of time, especially compared to a whitening toothpaste or store-bought strips. An in-office visit will whiten your smile in just one hour. DENTAL VENEERS If you have an uneven smile, chips, small gaps, or discoloration, dental veneers may be a great option for you. Veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are bonded to the front of your teeth. They can hide imperfections and make your smile look more uniform, yet appear natural. Getting veneers is a permanent procedure since we’ll need to remove some of your natural enamel for a snug fit. CLEAR ALIGNER THERAPY At Millpond Family Dental, we offer Invisalign® [https://www.millponddentist.com/specialty/invisalign/] and ClearCorrect™ clear aligner therapy to subtly straighten your teeth in about 12-18 months. These are custom trays made of smooth plastic. They are to be worn at least 20-22 hours a day, and removed when brushing, flossing, eating, and drinking anything other than water. This discreet orthodontic option is appropriate for adults and responsible teenagers. ACHIEVE THE PERFECT SUMMER SMILE IN CARY, NC Contact us today to schedule your cosmetic consultation at Millpond Family Dental! We offer a variety of affordable payment options, including in-house financing, so you can enhance the appearance of your smile without breaking the bank. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you choose the right dental treatments for your needs [https://www.millponddentist.com/].


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