X-Rays - Should you be scared?

X-Rays - Should you be scared?

Posted by MILLPOND FAMILY DENTAL Jun 06,2024

dental X-rays

How cool would it be if Dr. Harward could see right through to your teeth and jawbone? Well sadly, he didn’t get x-ray vision - bummer! The good thing is we do have x-ray equipment that allows him to take a peek at how your teeth are looking and feeling! 

Why the Need for X-Rays

The information we obtain from dental x-rays is extremely important and useful. It helps us with diagnoses, and it also helps us prepare for the best course of treatment. For example, when we see that there’s decay, it could really just be the beginning of something worse! Are we looking at a simple filling, or will you need a root canal? Using x-rays to find the diagnosis before it gets worse is something we want to know - and we’re sure you would too!

We also use dental x-rays during your treatment. For example, root canal treatments are incredibly delicate procedures. The “canals” are extremely small, so to make sure that all traces of decay and infection have been removed we use x-rays. Or take into consideration an extraction. We wish all roots were straight and predictable, but unfortunately they are not. Therefore, the x-ray provides almost a “map” of how the roots are positioned, allowing us to extract the tooth as easily as possible.

Besides treatment, x-rays at times allow us to see cysts, abscesses, and even tumors. We definitely want to make sure that you’re healthy all around.

Will the X-Rays Make Me Glow in the Dark?

I’m sure at one time or another you were worried about how much radiation was coming out of an x-ray. In reality, x-rays use a very low dose of radiation. More so, the ADA stated earlier this year “the use of lead abdominal aprons or thyroid collars on patients when conducting dental X-rays is no longer recommended”, according to an expert panel established by the American Dental Association (ADA) Council on Scientific Affairs. But, just to be extra safe, we protect you with a lead apron.. Please always tell us if you have health concerns or if you are pregnant, but in the majority of instances, the dental x-ray helps you far more than it can possibly harm you.


Don’t Be Shy

We want our patients to feel safe and comfortable in our practice, and if you want to know more about the reasons for an x-ray, just ask! We enjoy taking the time and care to explain procedures in detail so that you are fully informed.

With that being said, we take x-rays for your benefit. So sit back, relax, hold onto that x-ray sensor nice and steady, and say “cheese!”

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