Kids Dentist In Cary, NC

Kids Dentist In Cary, NC

At Millpond Family Dental we take special joy in providing dental care for the entire family. We want children in particular to have a great experience at the dentist so that they can develop a healthy understanding of dental care and not develop a fear of the dentist. We tailor our procedures specifically for children. We have private exam rooms where they can feel secure. We also have fun music and TVs on the ceiling that can help distract with cartoons and movies. We also have warm blankets and stuffed animals available if needed. From start to finish, our primary goal is to provide a positive and comfortable experience for your child and to foster a lifelong love of good oral health.

When should I first bring my child to the dentist?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists recommends that a child should visit the dentist by their first birthday or when their first tooth appears. Regular visits are important for maintaining good oral health. The first few visits are very low pressure and usually involve working with the child with a regular toothbrush to help them gain confidence in the experience. We always evaluate for any dental needs and gradually introduce more into each appointment as your child is ready.

What type of fillings do you use for kids?

We do not use any of the older style silver mercury fillings in our practice. All of our fillings are non BPA tooth colored composite resins. In some instances very large cavities on baby teeth may require a special stainless steel covering called a crown. This is a strong and simple way to restore large holes in baby teeth. These crowns cover the baby tooth and protect it until the tooth falls out in its own time. The crown will not need to be removed and will come out with the baby tooth. In every case we will talk through treatment options and recommendations with you the parent.

What other services are important for kids?

In addition to guiding your children on good hygiene habits and treating decay we are also evaluating your children for many other factors that often go unlooked until later in life. These include such things as enlarged or abnormal tonsils, breathing issues, and skeletal misalignment. Dental markers are also frequently the first sign of systemic syndromes or genetic conditions. Frequent dental checkups are a key part of maintaining overall health and wellness for your growing child.

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